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Training Locations

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Accra, Ghana

✓ Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
✓ W.E.B. DuBois Memorial
✓ Osu Castle and Labadi Beach
✓ National Archives of Ghana
✓ Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
✓ Exciting business learning
✓ Pleasurable leisure trip
✓ National Museum
✓ Independence Square
✓ Artists Alliance Gallery

Lagos, Nigeria

✓ Commercial capital of Nigeria
✓ Largest city in Africa
✓ Economic and financial capital of Nigeria
✓ 5th largest economy in Africa
✓ Ancient Slave Port of Badagry
✓ National Museum of Nigeria
✓ Eko Atlantic City

Uyo, Nigeria

✓ Rich history and culture
✓ Popular local cuisines
✓ Unity Park (Cenotaph)
✓ Amalgamation House
✓ The Presbyterian Church, built by Mary Slessor
✓ National Museum of colonial history
✓ Oron Museum
✓ Ibom Tropicana
✓ Miles of beautiful sand beach and resorts

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

✓ The ‘Garden City’
✓ Founded In 1912 by Frederick Lugard
✓ Crude Oil first discovered in Nigeria here
✓ Port Harcourt Golf Club
✓ Port Harcourt Zoo
✓ Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
✓ Go ferrying on the Bonny River
✓ Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Abuja, Nigeria

✓ Capital of Nigeria
✓ Currency Museum of the Central Bank of Nigeria
✓ National Assembly Complex
✓ The National Mosque
✓ National Ecumenical Centre
✓ Aso Rock
✓ Millennium Park

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