Fundamentals of Identity Management

CODE: CS03 DURATION: 1 Week/ 2Weeks


  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers

Course Overview

This strategic security course goes beyond firewall and ports, delegates are going to learn practical steps and prescriptive guidance on how to strengthen organizations security and access by implementing the latest identity management strategies. This comprehensive training is also going to examine how to implement Single Sign on (SSO) via a solid foundation based on Federated Identity Management and Industry standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Course Delivery

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Course Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

At the end of the course participants will have a greater understanding of and have developed the following key attributes:

• Eliminating vulnerabilities in identification and authentication processes

• On-premises and cloud-based identity management

• Synchronize identities among disparate authentication stores with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

• Importing identities from Connected Data Source CDS into Connector Space CS

• Build a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to manage trust between Identity Providers (IdPs) and Relying Parties (RPs)

• Implement identities in a PKI

Key Course Highlights

At the end of this course you'll understand:

  • ✓ Managing Identity and the new Control Plane

  • ✓ Ensuring strong authentication

  • ✓ Authenticating with a trusted Identity Provider IdP

  • ✓ Strategically managing identity as part of your cybersecurity defence plan.

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Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for Information security engineers and managers

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Fundamentals of Identity Management

  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers
  • ✓ Training materials and workbook
  • ✓ Access to online resources