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Thanks to the incredible breadth of our partner network, GTC Energy has unique access to industry experience and knowledge on both an international and localised level, enabling the effective commissioning, operation and maintenance of energy production facilities.

Comprehensive, solutions for the energy industry in emerging economies

GTC Energy provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for the energy industry in emerging economies. With access to wide-ranging intellectual and pragmatic expertise, GTC Energy provides customised, cutting-edge technical training, consultancy and operational support. You’ll find us working at the heart of the energy industry in territories as diverse as Ghana, America, Nigeria, UAE, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

Oil and Gas Geological Consultancy Solutions

We offer Geological consulting services in the Oil and Gas industry; our portfolio of services include Core Description and Geological Field Seminars.
Our core description service is second to none. Not only will it save you time, it will also save you money. Why? No longer will you have to ship your core to Europe or the Middle East for analysis; our in-house experts come to you!


Advantages of using our core description services:



This will show grain size, sedimentary structures and trace fossil suites. Besides a graphic representation, you will receive a description, process interpretation and environment of deposition.

Sequence Stratigraphy (Cycles)

If you have biostratigraphic data we can mark sequence boundaries and maximum flooding surfaces directly on the core. Alternatively, we can also mark key sequence stratigraphic surfaces in core and add systems tracts. Conversely, if you have regional stratigraphic markers/tops (from well logs or seismic data) we can upload those to our core description panel for comparison.

Bioturbation Index

A bioturbation index shows the intensity of sediment churning and the preservation of original sedimentary fabric. Bioturbation can both enhance and degrade reservoir quality and we recommend a column that shows the BI so that you can determine the effect of bioturbation on the porosity and permeability of your reservoirs.

Porosity-Permeability & Saturation Data

We may incorporate available porosity-permeability and saturation data (pks) in order to graphically demonstrate the relationship between rock type/lithofacies/depofacies and reservoir quality.


We can document fracture type (extension vs. shear), aperture size, mineral fill, porosity within fractures, density, intensity, orientation and determine the stress field in your area of interest. After providing a description of fractures we can provide a diagnosis whether fractures might influence production from your wells. If this is the case, we then recommend a detailed fracture study. Our specialisation is restricted to sedimentology and tratigraphy. However, we can align you with the right contacts for detailed fracture studies to increase production from your fractured reservoirs. You’ll be surprised to learn that our costs are significantly lower than most similar businesses in the US and Western Europe, including the likes of Core Laboratories, Terra Tek, Fugro Robertson and Ichron. But, our quality of work is far superior because of our integrated approach. GTC Energy go beyond the routine core descriptions by solving critical problems such as understanding depositional environments, sandbody geometry, reservoir heterogeneities and interconnectivity. We’re so confident in our expertise that we will even waive our fee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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